Repair/Rewind/Rebuild Electric Motors, Generators, Welders, Wrenches,
Hoist, Submersible Pumps/Non-Submersible Pumps

Greeley Electric Repair Inc repairs all brands of electrical tools in the Greeley, CO area. We offer sales, services, and repairs to any makes of electrical motors.We also have a wide stock of various parts for your equipment. Trust that we can give you professional services at all times!

About Greeley Electric Repair Inc:

  • Rewinds and repairs of most electrical motors
  • Repairs all brands of electrical tools
  • We are a service center who honors warranty on most electrical tools.
  • We can test most motors & capacitors to see if they are working

We are a service center AND a warranty center

For your convenience, we provide free estimates on all of our repair works.
Contact Greeley Electric Repair Inc today at 970-352-1961 for more information about our services.

We work on a first come first serve basis, that also includes Tools for Warranty work. If a customer Rush is needed, an arrangement can usually be made to accommodate such an issue. We rarely make house calls, only if an object is physically attached to a building or concrete and can’t be moved or brought into shop for Evaluation/Repair/Rebuild/Rewind. Please contact us before bringing overly large items as our storage space is limited for over night and leaving items outside over night is not an option.

Greeley Electric Repair Inc.
Greeley Electric Repair Inc.

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